The Hospitality Resource Group International

The Hospitality Resource Group International was formed in November of 1999 byRichard C. Day as a result of a perceived need for a company that could provide comprehensive and coordinated resource capabilities for private clubs and other hospitality entities. We provide consulting solutions to four major areas of the hospitality industry: Private clubs,Hotels/Resorts, Retail stores, and Food services. For each of these areas we have a specialized Division operated by teams of individuals who have extensive background and expertise in the respective field (visit our Biographies section and see for yourself the credentials of our team members). Our clients are businesses where the added value of training, analysis, and operations revolving around outstanding customer service and strategic planning can make a difference.

Clients have found our consulting services to be a valuable asset in providing them with the structure, expertise, and resources necessary to assist them through this process.

The Hospitality Resource Group International, Inc., was formed in 1999 as a hospitality consulting organization, providing a wide array of services to the Private Club, Hotel, Resort, Retail and Food Service Industries. The firm has grown to include highly respected industry professionals that are capable of providing analysis as well as solutions to the significant challenges that face the hospitality industry as a whole. Our clients recognize that, due to our diverse expertise, we are able to provide services that few firms can duplicate. The reason for this is that we rarely have to outsource a needed initiative. The significant advantage to a client is that we will already know the challenges we are facing and can provide highly personalized solutions to a problem. We work with start-ups, clients wishing to grow their markets, clients needing to analyze existing operations and can also provide world class training. The President of our Hotel and Restaurant Divisions, Marcia Bradley, has provided consulting services to fortune 500 companies such as Coca Cola, Eastman Kodak, Marriott Hotels, the NFL, the Olympics, the Caribbean Hotel Association and “21”, just to name a few. Our Private Club Division conducts operational audits, food and beverage analysis, comprehensive Membership surveys and strategic planning as well as assisting clients with General Manager searches. When there is data that says that 50% of hires are mis-hires and that the average General Manager tenure is 2.7 years, it is clearly evident that assistance is desperately needed in this area. Our undercover evaluations of hospitality properties and how they provide services are detailed in Quality Assessment Reports (QAR’s) that are designed to provide our clients with an “objective” overview of how they are performing. If there are any deficient areas, we provide workable solutions so that our clients can make improvements where necessary. In summary, HRGI's philosophy is to provide clients with personalized service and solutions. In order to grow, HRGI recognizes that client referrals are essential to that growth. As such, HRGI always goes the extra mile developing long-term relationships with its clients. Our Clients are provided with special attention, service, and care. Use our site to find out more information about the services we can provide your business by visiting our Services section, and then contact us to obtain a free initial consultation. Additionally, we recommend you visit and bookmark our featured articles section where our team periodically posts articles about the Hospitality Industry.


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