Ferotex Philippines


Ferotex started as a trading outfit (buy and sell or popularly called as an exclusive distributor) supplying various laundry machinery and kitchen equipment to the hotel and hospital industry in 1988. Economic crises shifted the company’s   mission and vision to what it is now:

Providing inexpensive import substitute tropicalized heavy-duty industrial laundry machinery. Using locally available universal component parts and basic engineering design concept that is easy to repair and maintain by any service technician at a lower cost with an abundant supply of replacement parts. The need for hard to find exclusive and factory trained service technicians is eliminated.

Contribute in the industrialization of our nation towards productivity, progress, and prosperity - thus creating more employment opportunities.

Help in minimizing our country's import dependent and save millions of dollars that can be used for other much more important and highly essential commodities.

Provide certified Basic Laundry Training (BLT) which is an essential requirement to properly and economically operate an on-premise laundry. Learn how to develop your own distinct washing formulas and programs at the most economical laundry operation and cleaning efficiency that can be translated to accounting controls and arrived at your cost per kilogram of laundry wash load for management monitoring.

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