Schulthess Maschinen AG


Innovative force, quality and responsibility for the environment: these are our strengths, and we are committed to them. Spurred on by years of experience and intensive research activities in Switzerland, we continually do pioneering work with our revolutionary products and trail-blazing innovations. The Schulthess Company has been in existence for more than 170 years. As pioneers, we launched the first household washing machines in Europe almost 60 years ago. We have maintained this pioneering role and expanded it continually. As laundry care experts, our know-how and comprehensive experience are put into our development and production. The most modern technologies and our own research and development department in Wolfhausen guarantee quality in production and installation. Thanks to our production site in Switzerland, we are assured a high degree of flexibility in production and a supply of qualified skilled workers for maintaining our independence For many years, we at Schulthess have been committed to treating natural resources respectfully and ensuring their sustainable handling. Environmental protection is a matter of course for us. Consequently, we strive to provide you continually with ecologically exemplary and energy-efficient appliances.

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