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Restaurant as a search word and what it means for foodservice suppliers

There are over 1,400,000 searches a month that include the word ‘restaurant’

and while we are all focused on selling our products or services to restaurants and other foodservice establishments were not unlocking the full potential of reaching our target market.


Monthly search results


The Future is intelligent search sources

When you think of pictures, you think of Pintrest [] However when doing a simple search on “Pinners” and “Pins” on “Catering Equipment” you only find a narrow 26 pinners and 4,000 pins.

When you think of social image sharing, you think of Instagram [] Same search conducted “Catering Equipment” done on Instagram revealed only 964 picture posting related to the keywords throughout the entire database.

When you think of live news sources, you think of Twitter []

When you think of buying, well pretty much anything you think of Amazon [] There are nearly 6,000 products under when we searched “Catering Equipment.” Amazon is flooded with all sorts of products, thus giving in to their great name “the everything store” but how many of you reading this article actually ever bought commercial food service products through amazon?