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A Training Session in receiving procedures and menu cost correlations

This session is for many of our food service Owners and Managers

and especially startups or businesses that struggle to reach profitability. This is a detailed receiving procedure brought to you by Jim Lopolito Hospitality Productions [industry consultant – former Certified Club Manager and Certified Executive Chef, with over 40 years industry experience] as an example and how it influences your menu pricing decisions.

I start by asking – who is watching over your receiving department, and are they trained properly?

There are many processes that must be used in order to achieve profitability in foodservice, and a watchful eye on receiving procedures is crucial to the success of your business. For example, poor accountability in a receiving department directly affects accurate menu pricing, and revenue, especially if the product you receive varies in any way from the product you ordered. In addition, without careful checking you have no verification or accountability. There are many other loss outcomes that occur from poor receiving that can overcome a business and cause failure, but for the purpose of this exercise I wanted to concentrate on one beneficial example of procedures.