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3 Apps in Foodservice you should know about

Change is taking way in the culinary experience…

Steve Jobs had created a whole new world and changed everyone’s lives across the Globe when Apple created the first iPhone in which his one idea and business allowed millions of people to create companies and jobs for people with the power of what the smartphone allows you to do. Now from Asia to the Middle East, and across Europe over to the United States everyone is empowered to unleash their ability to be a rock star chef in any kitchen.

Foodservice is quickly catching up to Big  players like Twitter, AirBnB and other apps that we love and use and here are 3 apps across the Globe that are all making way to that change.


Founded in San Francisco and rapidly expanding, with Eatwith Chefs can upload their profile, and create events in which anyone can join in. You can even see who is attending an event and the dish being served along with price tag and ratings on individual chefs. Your search for events can be broken down by City and by Time/Price Range/Cuisine Style/Meal and more!

Caption Provided by Eatwith

Caption Provided by Eatwith

Works great in a two sided marketplace, for chefs , and for creative food entrepreneurs creating pop ups almost anywhere.
Very interesting.
Try it out Here []


With Kitchit, you reserve a Chef to come to your Home and Simply select from a rotating list of organic and locally sourced 3-course meals, and we’ll match you with a private chef who will show up with all the necessary ingredients to cook, serve and clean up so you can enjoy your company.

Caption provided by Kitchit

Caption provided by Kitchit

Truly a Foodie’s dream come true.
Try it out Here []

Bi Bayti

Lebanese Cuisine at your home alas! Everyone loves Mediterranean cuisine and Lebanese cuisine seems to be of the top for foodies with that famous plate of Hummus where many say its best served in Beirut. Only Working out of Beirut, BiBayti which we found out actually means ‘In My Home’ for literal translation only allows you to reserve a chef and provides ratings along with a quick preview of what’s cooking.


Enjoy stress free cooking at your house, meet your chef, see the ingredients and even get some cooking tips!
Try it out Here []


Concluding Ideas

My suggestion to these Apps would only be the following, let’s start seeing who’s on tour! This would allow you to actually find chefs who are from their home country or homeland nearest you. Although Eatwith is the only one from the above which has an App for iPhone it can be a completely new ball game if you can find new chefs from different countries near you.

For Those who work in Mobile catering solutions put your thinking caps on because each person on this app is a potential target for your products.

We have to give these guys a pat on the back for the good job and creativity, if you haven’t tried them out making a profile is FREE!

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