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5 tools to help grow your food service sales

Here is a list of tools to help grow your foodservice sales.

7 in 10 restaurants are single unit operations and driving sales into your company which has grown into a vastly competitive landscape with more and more companies selling the same products and many having a large sales force within multiple divisions of food service operations.

Knowing the right places to research and to and be present online can indirectly lead to a higher growth in sales for your business.

Check out this article on Global foodservice sales by Euromonitor International

Today we wanted to share some of those resources and tools in order to help you funnel out the right and the wrong places to look for leads online. Search resources helping drive consumer decisions online include:

  • Mentions online about your brand
  • Third party articles about your food service brand or products
  • Word of mouth
  • Online research

While we wanted to help our users find company leaders and products for restaurants and hotels through breaking down search by categories of the players within the industry, market leaders here is what we came up with.


1. TopHotelProjects

Top Hotel projects is a resource dedicated to helping you find the newest hotel projects that are under construction. With over 5,000 project resources available within the database there is sure to be a lot of potential leads to develop within any business segment in your food service manufacturing operation.


Some segments that stand out within the hotel projects include: consulting for food service and beverage outlets – including commercial kitchen equipment design and operation, food supply for those outlets, chefs bartenders and waiters, industrial laundry equipment – if the laundry and housekeeping is done in-house and more segments. Finally, in view of the fact that 70% of all new projects are Branded, it is important to know the right contacts for the difference food and beverage contacts!


2. QSR magazine – Emerging Concepts

Were all looking out for that restaurant chain that’s growing and fast which is a sure way to knock on their door and offer your products or services. The QSR emerging concepts is a resource to find articles on those chains, what they are focused on, the areas of expansion and their focus areas.

Some helpful resources that can bring your attention to new potential clients include their E-Newsletter, Articles which are broken down by – Expansion, Operations and Food & Beverage, we specifically like their research Tab which gives you access to many Whitepaper articles on their website!



3. Mention

Mention is a social media, brand monitoring and web monitoring service which allows you to know where your brand and other keywords are being mentioned on the web. Its integrated dashboard is great for handling conversations all across media channels in one location. Everyone is on a social media channel and is viewing or reading about your products, using mention keeps you in the loop so that your informed and know how to guide your conversation. Finally, you can track your competition and even reach out to potential clients, we think Mention is a great tool to help drive sales.


4. The Caterer

The Caterer is a leading hospitality platform with many topics of news and information about restaurants, pubs and other operators across the United Kingdom. Digital and hard copy read includes up and coming operators along with breaking news. Check out their Business analysis and comment section where you can find key players in the UK hospitality scene and what they’re up to.

Make sure your up to date with all the tools, skills, networks and information to enable you to make the best for your business by checking out the Caterer’s Business Trends and Data section. With regular updates offering breaking news, practical business advice, the latest products and equipment, as well as property and career news, Business Trends and Data provides the perfect platform to keep up to date with current market trends.



5. Scabrou

Yes we listed ourselves! With over 100 searches a day, people are missing out on finding your products and even your company. A food service manufacturers listing with over 2,000 businesses – while free to list a business,  get your brand found online. With over 1,000 saved tags by users already a key feature The Restaurant Builder makes it easy to save companies [and soon products] into organized notebooks (or what we called ‘tags’) to refer back to.



Here are a few of the highest user search keywords in the last 30 days

  • Hospitality consulting
  • Bar equipment
  • Sofinor
  • Ovens
  • Grill
  • Drink mixer

To increase your visibility on Scabrou search is a mix of keywords of what your offering and your products – but what you believe your end user is looking for. Company profile’s can also be found through larger search engines like Google and Bing as our pages are automatically indexed with their web crawlers.

In conclusion, there are an abundant amount of resources to help get your brand and products in front of your target audience. Make sure to dig deep into resources and spend time reading to find a new potential target client’s and spread your brand across the internet in front of the right platforms because whether there is an immediate effect or indirect effect [which may take time to have potential clients or brand advocates] your business will be always be top of mind! 



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