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2016 Year in Review – Did You Do Your Best?

2016 Year in Review – its not about doing your best, but learning from what you did.

It has been an interesting year for us here at Scabrou and reflecting back on 2016 will allow building on the year’s successes and drawbacks while progressing us forward to 2017. This year has been about learning: learning about partnerships, learning about our audience needs, and learning about team work. Let’s look back at some of the knowledge gained along the way.

More than a search engine

Hospitality events showcase new products and services, and are an important platform for driving the hospitality industry forward. Shedding light on these events via social media – among other media outlets – allows hospitality experts to be present in as many events as possible in order to expand their brands publicity.


As a result, at Scabrou we have collaborated with The Restaurant and Bar Design Show at ExCel London – the UK’s largest and most comprehensive event specifically aimed at restaurants, bars and café interior designers – as one of its media partners – more details to follow.


Progressive overload

In order to evolve over time, audience feedback is a key indicator as to what is needed to help hospitality professionals and we at Scabrou listen closely. As a result, a completely new platform is underway and will be launched in February 2017. Developed from the ground up (from the user experience to the overall design), we are excited to show everyone what we’ve been cooking. Updates will continue to roll-out after the platform launches such as the ‘Discovery’ feature, which will be available around mid-2017 (do invite any colleagues to list a business as we are releasing many perks to our early adopters). These developments are a result of a 60% return rate over the past year, proof that the platform is needed and therefore advancing.


Building the team

As with any business in the hospitality industry, an establishment is only as good as the people working within it and Scabrou is happy to announce the addition of two new members to the team.



Natacha Keuchgerian is Scabrou’s corporate communications and has worked in consulting for restaurants. Previously she has met many people during her travels and is translating her people skills into the hospitality industry.
Gerard Saliba is Scabrou’s copywriter who is also a public relations professional and hospitality journalist. He has previously worked in hospitality establishments, giving him an insight into the industry.

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