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Lighting In Your Restaurant

While recently dining at an international fancy restaurant where as you may find many of times, the lighting was dimmed low to create a mood or feeling in the restaurant.

Lighting plays a special role on our mood and feeling depending on where we are and what we are doing in any type of room.
For example sample study on mood behavior in the workplace provided by Us National Library of Medicine [] shows that at our place of work to dim the light creates a negative feeling directly effecting the progression of someones work ability, however when dining we experience a romantic mood feeling.

Many restaurateurs should also take into account that when dimming, you can also focus some of the luminosity on where the plate arrives on the table! Many of times we find ourselves in the romantic atmosphere with a candle on the table however we cant actually see the details of the food on the plate.
It takes a lighting specialist to keep the overall lighting  effect dimmed and have that one light, which is best to also be a bit dimmed  on your plate to see what food your eating. That candle on the table doesn’t always do the job!

Dining table and chairs. Flat style vector illustration.

Some Lighting companies we’ve come across;

Wall Lights, Ceiling Lights, Track Lights, Lamps and More – Louie Lighting

Different Designs, Different Feels – Andy Thorton

Choose from the Collections, or go Bespoke – Northern Lights

Everything Handmade, Everything Custom – PS LAB

Also check out this small how to Guide by Interior Deluxe []

If your interested, do checkout the Webcast by FESMAG this October 27 for a discussion on table trends.[]

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