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Project Management of Hotel Opening Processes

Here’s to learning more on Project Management of Hotel Opening Processes

More than eighty-five occupations, across a wide variety of functions and industries use project management to plan and execute projects efficiently and effectively.

Hospitality is not one of these industries, despite high growth on a global scale. In view of the exponential growth, now is the time to help the hotel industry transform itself and embrace project management as a strategic competence.

Below is a little bit about the Latest Book in Many Languages by Northside Consulting’s very own Gert Nordzij.


Korean Book Cover Provided by Gert Nordizj

Project Management of Hotel Opening Processes is for those who manage hotel opening projects, including hotel project developers, hotel management company CEOs, hotel owners and asset managers, hotel vendors…all the way to hotel educational institutions. It explains that the traditional approaches to opening new hotels do not work efficiently, cause delay after delay, and cannot be scaled, thus new, more effective strategies are required.


The Chinese hotel industry is experiencing unprecedented growth.

Over the next twenty-five years, China will expand from today’s two million hotel rooms to over nine million. Without a project management approach, this will not be possible. In this book, author Gert Noordzij considers the published plans for future hotel openings in China, illustrates the scale of the problem, analyzes why traditional approaches will not be able to facilitate China’s goals, and why project management methodologies are the best way forward. He guides readers through an examination of modern project management concepts to determine the feasibility of reorganizing a hotel management company, developing a new hotel opening how-to guide, and using project management to effectively and efficiently open new hotels on a large scale.

Project Management of Hotel Opening Processes will help you build a foundation for success in meeting deadlines for the hospitality industry, both in China and around the world.

Now available now on Amazon [] in Kindle Edition in English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean…

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