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A Training Session in receiving procedures and menu cost correlations

This session is for many of our food service Owners and Managers

and especially startups or businesses that struggle to reach profitability. This is a detailed receiving procedure brought to you by Jim Lopolito Hospitality Productions [industry consultant – former Certified Club Manager and Certified Executive Chef, with over 40 years industry experience] as an example and how it influences your menu pricing decisions.

I start by asking – who is watching over your receiving department, and are they trained properly?

There are many processes that must be used in order to achieve profitability in foodservice, and a watchful eye on receiving procedures is crucial to the success of your business. For example, poor accountability in a receiving department directly affects accurate menu pricing, and revenue, especially if the product you receive varies in any way from the product you ordered. In addition, without careful checking you have no verification or accountability. There are many other loss outcomes that occur from poor receiving that can overcome a business and cause failure, but for the purpose of this exercise I wanted to concentrate on one beneficial example of procedures.


Eco-sustainable materials for the creation of menu-holders

When the Mise En Place becomes sustainable!

Recycled and eco-sustainable materials for the creation of menu-holders and table matching sets following the fashion trends. This is the innovative idea introduced by DAG Style on the restaurant market that furnishes the table with responsibility.

Brescia – DAG Style, company active in the HO.RE.CA sector through the production of menu-holders and table matching sets, puts into practice its eco-friendly philosophy for the creation of all its products, introducing the innovative concept of sustainable mise en place, to favor a responsible approach in an always increasing and developing market.

In a period where the focus on the environment is highly important, the food service too records a progressive tendency towards the development of green activities. A necessity pursued also by the requirements of customers always more informed and looking for solutions that do not damage the environment but that can combine the concept of hospitality and respect for nature.

Thanks to the careful research of the used materials-


low environment impact, certified and of high quality – DAG Style, always environmentally aware,has been able to shorten the time, offering an innovative proposal, able to combine these two concepts responsibly.

Menu-holders, place-mats,coasters, placeholders, order-holders, all the products of DAG Style lines are produced with environment-friendly sustainable materials, such as cork, regenerated leather produced with scraps of real leather or even cellulose material, paying great attention to their origin and to their possible recycling, once used.