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Foodservice 5 months after Brexit – Impact Thoughts

The impact of Brexit on Foodservice Suppliers?

Many of us are asking how this will effect the catering industry, food prices, manufacturing and the broad food industry.

5 months ago yesterday – the UK took to the polls and voted out of the European Union with a little bit of uncertainty. Without taking political side effects into consideration, what does it really mean for food service operators and food service manufacturers? Many campaigned for a recall and that the British didn’t know exactly what it was that they were voting for [Checkout this Youtube Video]

Going back to our questions above – what was once the worry of food service operators and manufacturers seems to be changing for the British as optimism and spending has seen a sharp increase according to this report by Evening Standard.

5 tools to help grow your food service sales

Here is a list of tools to help grow your foodservice sales.

7 in 10 restaurants are single unit operations and driving sales into your company which has grown into a vastly competitive landscape with more and more companies selling the same products and many having a large sales force within multiple divisions of food service operations. Knowing the right places to research and to and be present online can indirectly lead to a higher growth in sales for your business.

Check out this article on Global foodservice sales by Euromonitor International

Today we wanted to share some of those resources and tools in order to help you funnel out the right and the wrong places to look for leads online. Search resources helping drive consumer decisions online include:

  • Mentions online about your brand
  • Third party articles about your food service brand or products
  • Word of mouth
  • Online research

While we wanted to help our users find company leaders and products for restaurants and hotels through breaking down search by categories of the players within the industry, market leaders here is what we came up with.