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What Trump means for the food service industry

Will Trump play a positive role on the foodservice sector?

As 45th president of the United States of America, everyone whether they love him or hate him or are even neutral about his victory (very rare on that) are wondering what’s about to happen to the modern world.

Now there are a lot of more important topics like Environment, Global Warming, Foreign Relations, The Middle East, Technology (take a look at this article about his beef with Jeff Bezos of Amazon [Credit Business Insider]. Foodservice equipment manufacturers are on high alert as he seems focused on bringing back manufacturing to America, as part of a plan to Make America great again!


Did you know that the President Elect has one of many, including a 5 star Michelin restaurant in his portfolio of companies and investments?

Check out this small list of restaurant and the restaurants in his hotels:


In London – the UK2000 Group, which has an advisory of more than 150,000 small and medium enterprises, mentioned that the impact of the election was particularly significant given that the US is often seen as a benchmark for what’s trending in the UK.

For New Zealand – food manufacturing items exports brings in over $5 billion a year while services bring in over $2 billion [Credit Stuff]. However worried New Zealanders may be about Trans Pacific Partnership agreements, many of the things he has stood for or against before winning his campaign are showing new light as he assumes his new position as the head of America.

For Germany a poll conducted by national broadcaster NRD found that 82% of Germans thought that trumps victory was something bad and that American-style revolts would take cast across Europe. While America is Germany’s largest trade partner and more then a million jobs are thought to depend on the export market that comprises of trade with America and other countries,  Angela Merkel is highly expected to keep the relationship to work – even though they are bought to go to the polls next year.

Trump seems very keen on moving back all sorts of manufacturing businesses (and jobs) back to America which have fled over the last decade to China and other countries, but we’ll just have to wait and see how it all plays out. While everyone across America protests and even riots let’s just stay optimistic – stay tuned for the fate of many businesses who manufacture products for food service operations.

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