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Acme's ability to produce a wide range of seafood specialties has made us the easy one-stop choice when buying premium smoked fish, pickled herring, or ready-to-eat seafood specialties. Acme's array of smoked fish includes cold smoked salmon in various flavors and presentations, kippered salmon, smoked whitefish, smoked whiting, smoked trout, smoked mackerel, smoked tuna, smoked sturgeon, smoked chubs, smoked ciscoes, smoked bluefish, and more.  The line of pickled herring is the most diverse line in the marketplace with more than 10 flavor varieties. When it comes to innovative seafood specialties or complements, Acme also leads the pack with salmon jerky, gravlax curing kits, keta candy, and sauces.  The offering of products is supported by each of our three retail brands, Acme, Blue Hill Bay, and Ruby Bay. These brands are available in major supermarkets and specialty stores throughout the nation. Our products are also served in premier food service establishments from coast to coast, from your neighborhood bagel store to your favorite appetizing store or restaurant.
Customer Service
When it comes to smoked fish, Acme's combined 100+ years of experience gives us an opportunity to serve and deliver every type and size of customer across the country.  Our staff is ready to answer any questions about our products, provide you with recipe ideas, serving suggestions, or assist you in any way possible until you are completely satisfied. Centrally located in Brooklyn, our fleet of trucks deliver to most areas of the Northeast, ranging from every corner in the tri-state area to as far south as Philadelphia or as far north as Massachusetts. Our Florida and West coast divisions also have regular service to the main cities and surrounding areas. We are able to serve the rest of the country by working with business partners who share our same level of commitment to customer service and quality.

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