Ancient Farms Cilentane is a young born later as the farm of the same family has existed for over 70 years. The home is in a beautiful farmhouse dating from the year 1000 in the National Park of Cilento. Cilento, ancient land of historical and artistic (Paestum, Velia) and kissed by a beautiful sea (Palinuro), is famous for its fine fruits, born in ideal climatic conditions. The Ancient Farms Cilentane have done just this natural treasure growing the best fruit, the sign of a unique tradition. All the cultures are controlled by an agronomist in order to ensure the complete absence of residues of pesticides. In addition, the company is directed to organic production.

Stages of production: The collection The company currently cultivates substantial part of the fruit for the production of the liquor and is addressed to a biological production. All the cultures are controlled by an agronomist in order to ensure the complete absence of residues of pesticides. The production of Limoncello, in particular, is carried out with 60% of lemons from organic farming.

Stages of production: Preparation The fruit is processed within two hours of collection to preserve all the aromas, fragrance and freshness. Lemons are peeled by hand through the use of special knives that allow to use only the outside of the peel which is the most rich in essential oils. Peeling by hand allows you to break all the pores of the skin so that essential oils all end up in the liqueur. The peel remains in an infusion of pure alcohol at 96 ° for about a week. After a series of filtrations, it joins this infusion to a syrup thus obtaining the final product.

To retain all the natural features are not added colorants or preservatives. Proof of its genuineness is the possible presence of outcrops of the essential oils of lemon in the neck of the bottle.

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