BÄKO GRUPPE NORD consists of its Duisburg headquarters, a branch office in Rellingen, and the regional BÄKO cooperatives associated with the group. In its capacity of a global procurement specialist, BÄKO GRUPPE NORD represents the trade interests of approximately 6,500 bakers and confectioners in Germany.

We are a modern wholesale and service enterprise operating daily on the global markets in order to secure the reliable supply and delivery of products to the bakery artisanry. For us, quality means a consistently quality-oriented procurement and assortment policy that ensures a maximum of product and production security, monitored by systematic inspections across the entire supply chain – from the source to our partners, all the way to the consumer.

By pooling demand in the most efficient way, delivering sustainably, and taking a utility-oriented approach to services, we increase the competitive position of the bakeries and confectioneries. These are the central features facilitating fair partnerships in everyday business. We work for our joint success, acting today for tomorrow.


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