he friendly spirits shop from Hamburg and make tüddelig. With us you get uncompromisingly fine drinks from the best ingredients and as delicious as the bartender of your trust.

"A small drink you can always". This sentence was at the beginning of Bidde! It was 2011 and a Biddemann had the desire for a Cuba Libre far away from home. The location was fatal: no rum, no limes, no nothing! Why is there no Cuba Libre on the road? This condition, of course, was intolerable.

In order to find the perfect mixture for the first bidde-longdrink, the nights were mixed in the local Bidde kitchen and intensively tried to the delight of friends and neighbors. The result is our authentic Bidde Cuba Libre, which can be seen and taste delicious.

And recently there's a shot. A Mojito Shot. Bidde!


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