Our company originated in 1954. Richard Höhns and three employees set up a factory to manufacture agricultural and car trailers. Today, BORCO-HÖHNS, based in Rotenburg an der Wümme, is the uncontested market leader for mobile vending in Germany.

Our success story is the success story of our customers. That’s because we’ve always developed our products to meet our customers’ needs. To that we’ve applied a critical eye for every detail, goods presentation, engineering, comfort and selling. We’ve developed many new features in conjunction with our customers, and we continue to do so today.

We’re helped by the fact that ours is the only vehicle manufacturing plant in Germany to make its vehicles entirely in-house. Comprehensive quality control and numerous tests guarantee the highest levels of functionality, reliability and value-retention. Every BORCO-HÖHNS sales vehicle is therefore an investment that pays off – whether economical entry-level vehicle or high-end custom model.

Making your customers happy is your business. Ours is providing you with the perfect sales vehicle for doing so. We’re proud every day of our more than 10,000 BORCO-HÖHNS customers – from traditional family businesses to young food-truckers.

A way to find products, brochures, specifications and save them into collections on the platform.

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