In 1886 Federico Bonomi, then owner of a small grocery store in Via Fabbri, decided to open a coffee roasting plant in the neighborhood of Conca del Naviglio, located in the center of Milan. Bonomi’s skills and passion in processing and blending the best coffees was soon appreciated throughout the whole city. During the first year of the 20th century, Caffè Bonomi’s roasting business and facility began supplying a growing number of groceries in Milan and its suburbs. Shortly after World War II, in the midst of the economic recovery, Bonomi opened up to new commercial opportunities offering new blends and eventually creating a commercial structure specifically dedicated to supplying local bars. Thanks to the experience acquired in the business over the years, Bonomi finally decided to focus on the commercial development and distribution of its products to the Hotel- Restaurant and Cafè (HoReCa) sector. The quality of Bonomi’s blends and the efficiency of his distribution service turned to be key factors in the growth process the company.


We select the best coffees.


The coffees that are selected to be included in our blends undergo very thorough controls even before leaving the country of origin. Being able to select the best coffee lots offered is essential in guaranteeing the quality of our blends. The final touch is provided by our “Bonomi taste experts” who skillfully combine the varieties of raw coffee to be roasted in order to obtain our blends’ incomparable taste.

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