The history of the Centrale del Latte di Brescia begins in 1930 and obviously starts with milk. The purpose of the Centrale del Latte di Brescia was in fact to ensure that citizens have the hygienic control of this food and guarantee its distribution every day. A historical mission, to which the company has never failed. In fact, from 1931 to today, including the war period, the Centrale del Latte of Brescia has never stopped its production, even for a day.
Along this tradition, the Centrale del Latte di Brescia has distinguished itself for a great capacity for innovation and for the sensitivity always shown both towards new technologies and the evolution of food needs.
The Centrale del Latte of Brescia was the first in Italy to equip itself with a UHT plant for the production of long-life milk, the first to produce and market a semi-finished product for ice-creams based on yogurt, one of the few to produce only and exclusively High Quality fresh milk, a food with particular nutritional characteristics, controlled and guaranteed according to the most rigorous laws.

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