Co.ind is an important group into the Italian industrial environment thanks to its 220 millions euro turnoverfive production plants all over Italy and four hundred employees. Founded in 1961 in Castel Maggiore (Bologna), Co.ind today is recognized as one of the most important Italian roasting companies.


Coffee private labelling is Co.ind core business: 12.000 tons of green coffee roasted every year and the supplying of the most important companies of distribution, catering and food industry, permit to Co.ind to serve seven millions of Italian families.

The strategic development in manufacturing private label products of the same quality of the leading brands, permitted to Co.ind to diversify its activity creating other food and no-food retail products too.


Co.ind sells into retail and food service channels. Our main customers into the first channel are Coop, Conad, Dico, LIDL, Crai, Sigma, Sidis, etc., while our most important customers into food service channel are Camst, Cir, Marr, Doreca, Nestlé, Caffè Nero (UK), Dunkin' Donuts, etc.

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