STYLE LIGHTS: exclusive, illuminated images in the form of designer wall lights and ceiling lights for interior High-quality LED-backlit murals and ceiling lamps in various designs for public buildings, offices, hotels, restaurants, doctor's practices, nursing homes and hospitals - made in Germany. Designer lamps made in Germany All products are developed and manufactured in our house, with the aim to combine first-class workmanship with innovative design. True to our philosophy: Something Different for others - something special for Special we develop light-emitting elements that amaze, inspire and excite amazement. All images are with LED illumination features, such as our exclusive glass illuminated images that illuminate a motive behind an opaque panel made ??of real glass. This LED light effects bring the motives of your choice with impressive clarity and give your home an inimitable touch. Let your imagination run wild!  

Products & Services

  • Long Light Landscape
  • Ceiling Light
  • Separating Element Flower
  • Luminous Picture

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