You enter an unknown area. Her eyes scan the surrounding area and give you strange impressions thus gained your mind on. In your heart is a complicated process of comparing and evaluating with earlier experience gained in. Can I secure feel in this room? Can I feel safe and relaxed? However, while your mind is still working, your instinct has long been decided. In a split second your limbic system has recorded and analyzed the smells of the room. The archaic instrument operates far below the human perception threshold and is infallible in its judgment. It knows no intermediate shades. Only black or white. Negative or positive. ASSADA since 1996 the specialist for Aroma Marketing provides the correct, optimum solution for every application. Our experience gives you security with the right partner to work. Whether you we are looking for fragrance dispenser, Aroma Tower, Fragrance columns, dispensers, fragrance devices and equipment for perfuming with climate control and premium fragrances, natural fragrance oils, scented sprays, air fresheners, Air Freshener, aromas and essential oils advise you competently and efficiently. Our selected flavors , perfumes, fragrances for aroma Tower, scent machines, air fresheners and fragrance device for scenting and our program for eliminating odors and odor neutralization enables you to your desires to find according to the right product. Our offer includes the establishments approved under the latest research fragrances, essential oils, fragrance oils and odor elimination , Devices, fragrance developments and products are offered under the name ASSADA and Assador and are registered trademarks of ASSADA Aromamarketing.

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