Encodata SpA was founded in 1978, thanks to the intuition of a pool of professionals with significant experience in the IT and financial sectors. Initially Software House "pure", over the years has transformed itself into a business solutions company for its customers, becoming the interface to the opportunities inherent in the world of Information Technology in the round: typically software (both proprietary third parts) and hardware, but also, thanks to the experience in the tax and administrative, consulting and training. To date, Encodata SpA counts among its ranks more than 30 experts who guide customers in identifying the best solutions for their company. Over the years (more than 35 today!), Encodata SpA has managed to carve out significant market share, becoming the leader in the two worlds that follows important, or the Coffee Shop of Coffee and building cooperatives, not to mention significant experience and installations in para pharmaceutical, in feeding and in manufacturing related to metalworking and plastic  

Products & Services

  • Management Software
  • Erp
  • Crm

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