Bill and Ted Fuller, owners of the Gregg’s restaurant chain, a high volume, low check average, family restaurants in Rhode Island, wanted to install a computerized point of sale system for their operations. In 1980 they began a search and evaluation of existing systems specific to the food industry. After two years of searching, they found no system that fully addressed their needs. This prompted a decision to develop a system. It was clear that there was a need that the POS industry was not filling. Development on POSitouch began in 1982 and a product was readied for testing in Gregg’s restaurants in 1985. Also in 1985, Peter Lipman joined the Fuller’s. With his technical guidance and the Fuller’s industry knowledge, the product continued to evolve. In 1987 the POSitouch system was generating so much interest that the three partners formed a corporation, Restaurant Data Concepts, Inc. to develop, support and market the POSitouch product. Today, working directly with larger clients, as well as, a long tenured authorized business partner network, POSitouch is sold and supported throughout the United States, Canada, South America, Europe and the Far East. The POSitouch solution has been installed in excess of 40,000 locations. RDC provides a turn-key solution encompassing the complete spectrum of services with its client base spanning small independent operators to the industry’s largest multi-unit chains.

Products & Services

  • Kitchen Displays For Meal Pacing
  • Banquet And Event Planning
  • Table Management
  • Kitchen Monitors
  • Food Service Pos System

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