The Teamsys Ltd. has over 20 years in the "Local Public / Business Administration" concerning the management mechanized aimed at controlling and optimizing the service that improves quality and speed. The results so far achieved the rank Teamsys at the top of the specialized companies in these areas. The guarantee offered by the services Teamsys is to satisfy and reassure even the most demanding customers; in fact it offers a unique package of assistance which: Telephone support 24 hours 24 customers in maintenance; Replacement or repair guarantee within 24 hours of any defective parts; Constant updates and free software (for customers under maintenance); On-site support with rapid response, made as quickly as possible, in keeping with the availability of technicians.

Products & Services

  • Software Store
  • Sales And Service Recorders
  • Software For Bars And Fast-food
  • Software For Bakeries And Pastry Shops

A way to find products, brochures, specifications and save them into collections on the platform.

Once its Ready we’ll let you know.

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