Clusio GmbH is a consulting agency for the hotel and leisure market, based in Germany. We specialise in purchasing, stock flow and control systems as well as all related operational procedures. Our clients include major tourism companies, hotel chains, caterers and health care facilities. We also provide consultancy services to small and medium businesses as well as public and government institutions. Our knowledge results from a long track record in the hospitality industry. Our strength is in our hands-on approach to consulting and analysis in all stock and supplies, as well as work-flow related processes. Our goal is to examine operational procedures, to uncover costly and time consuming processes and to take countermeasures. We work closely with our customers right from the beginning. Our approach is defined by your needs. We provide more than ‘just’ a software solution. We don’t only install a material management system. We accompany and advise you on all necessary measures needed to help you reach your goal – to increase your profits and competitiveness.

Products & Services

  • Hotel Consulting
  • Leisure Market Consulting
  • Caterer
  • Health Care Facilities

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