KOST was founded in 1998 by Michael and Richard Cikerle Huss. Today, the group includes the company Kost Software GmbH based in Graz and its subsidiaries KOST Solution Project Consulting GmbH and Paycaso Payment & Card Solution GmbH. Core competence are standard software solutions for gastronomy in hospitality & catering, caterers & System kitchens and health & care facilities. KOST Solution completes the offer to services and services such as Projektberatung- and care as well as training and support. In addition, the Paycaso Payment & Card Solution GmbH offers solutions in the field of cashless payment systems. KOST employs 37 employees in development, sales and support and is equipped with five centers of expertise in the German market presence. More than 800 customers and 3,000 businesses use solutions from KOST - including Bayer Gastronomie, Airbus Helicopters, Ergo Gourmet GmbH, Robinson Clubs, Ramada Hotels Germany, Dolder Grand, Badrutt's Palace, Sander Gourmet, Messe Gastronomie Hannover and houses to live. The goal of food is to offer customers and users an optimal overall package of performance, efficiency and service.

Products & Services

  • Hotel Management Software
  • Event Catering
  • Catering Management Service
  • Restaurant Management Software
  • Wine Trade Software
  • Business Consulting

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