In 27 years, Gastrofrit® AG became the Swiss fryer manufacturer number one. The success recipe: continuity in production development, customer-oriented action, constant renewal of the entire company and not least the corporate culture of a traditional family business.

Return on Investment

The Gastrofrit® fryer treats the oil gently. The service life is therefore extended by a number of times. Often the oil is disposed of too early, as it darkens over a longer period of use. With electronic quality measurement, disposal takes place at the right time. The goal should not be to dispose of frying oil. A large heating surface and above all a precise temperature control, which switches intelligently, are the A and O. With the modern control of the Gastrofrit® the heating is controlled pulsatile and the oil is carefully heated. Significant temperature fluctuations and large overheating are thus excluded. Our heating is directly in the medium. A fryer is dependent on the fact that, if required, 100% of the energy can be transferred directly into the medium oil, 

Swiss quality also means added value in our industry. We guarantee that our value added will be over 90% in Switzerland. The production of equipment including heating, oil check, oil filtration system is in Switzerland. 

Products & Services

  • Fryers
  • Pasta Cookers
  • Frittierstations

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