The story of Catta 27 begins in 1927, with the creation of Cattabriga, the world's first company in the field of automatic ice-cream machines, having patented in the same year the self-gelatoer, the first automated system to be marketed in the artisan ice cream market semi-industrial. 

The 70s see Cattabriga, the Cocchi family, with the first of two brothers, Gino, who first started the development work of the craft and semi-industrial sector and then of the totally industrial sector. 

Continued development over the years with the arrival of his second brother, Giuliano, who, taking up the pioneering spirit, will explore new markets so far not known as Asia.

The breakthrough for the Society comes in the 1990s when the Cattabriga industrial sector is picked up by the two brothers and will soon lead to the birth of Brand Catta 27. 

After years of success and acquisition, Catta 27 is today under the leadership of Giuliano Cocchi as a new company, strong in its legacy and important business partnerships, is constantly renewed by lying in the heart of that spirit of innovation that has always characterized it over the years.

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