Cono Artic was first established in 1951 by Piero Minora and Carlo Artina, who bought out the F.A.G.A. company which produced molded cones in Turin, Via L. Da Vinci. Later, this facility changes and, in 1961, it moves to Via Felizzano. After purchasing a new machine from the United States, the novel production of rolled wafers begins in this facility, which were initially used in the newly growing ready-made ice cream industry. The business grows and a generational change takes place, handing the factory over to the children, Enrica and Silvio: thus, in 1984, the current Industria Cono Artic was born in Cambiano , within the Province of Turin. Currently, Cono Artic sells its products in Italy and the European Union area: Spain, France, Great Britain, Belgium, Germany, Romania, Greece, Malta, Slovenia, Austria, Bulgaria, Holland, Portugal as well as Switzerland. Furthermore, it sells wafers as well as complete cone and wafer production plants in the rest of the World.

Products & Services

  • Bowls
  • Aluminized Paper
  • Wafers And Rolled Sugar Cones Machines
  • Production
  • Production

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