Your Partner in sweet creation - Since 1963 A 'leader Founded by Aldemaro Casebasse in the early 60s, the company grew quickly in the field of pastry and ice cream by offering innovative products made of plastic. The current president of Alcas S.p.A. Stefano Casebasse is that with the sisters, Stephanie and Susanna, directs the company since 1985 The originality and innovation initiated by Aldemaro Casebasse (his is the invention of the container of the skullcap still in use) has been further developed in recent years proposing plastic as hygienic, robust and aesthetically versatile, able to fill the shortage of paper products, cardboard and aluminum, to propose an environmentally friendly material reflecting the strong focus on the environment. These characteristics have allowed Alcas to receive awards such as "TROPHEES EUROPAIN 2005" with 02 nnlinea Bioplastic Corn, best product in its class for the environment and being appointed Technical Sponsor of the World Championship of 2006. The constant Gelateria changes in production technique, the choice of quality materials and design research has allowed Alcas to spread in Europe and around the world currently counting on over 50 distributors. The continued presence at national and international fairs has made Alcas a benchmark for the industry evidenced by the numerous attempts of imitation of its new proposals.

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  • Pastry Pack
  • Gelateria Package
  • Biodegradable Materia

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