In such a complex and competitive world, we seek out specialists when we want a high degree of confidence, comfort, reliability and accountability. Aaron Allen & Associates is a global restaurant and hospitality consulting firm specializing in holistic, integrated approaches to creating, enhancing and expanding foodservice enterprises. Collectively our clients post more than $100 billion in global sales and span more than 100 countries across all six inhabited continents. We have worked with a wide range of clients including high-volume independent operators, multi-billion dollar restaurant chains, hotels, contract foodservice providers, manufacturers, distributors and trade associations. Through working with those clients, we have experience in virtually every industry category, segment, cuisine, culture, operating platform, geography, ownership type (public, private, franchisor, franchisee and institutional investors), phase of the business lifecycle, and all of the functional areas of a chain restaurant (at both unite and corporate levels). Global in reach, holistic in approach, but locally relevant, we are the only ones who do what we do. We work alongside senior executives of some of the world’s most successful foodservice and hospitality companies to visualize, plan, and implement innovative ideas for leapfrogging the competition. We do our absolute best work when projects are exciting, challenging, and commissioned by a client that has a compelling sense of purpose. If you have such a project and would like to explore working together, please start planning a project with us.

Products & Services

  • Restaurant Design
  • Planning
  • Restaurant Marketing
  • Management
  • Restaurant Branding

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