The culture of refrigeration

Freeze conditions must be created, to be understand its stiff regulations. And its not enough to have good intentions to build a long lasting refrigerated body cell, it takes more, a pioneer's extensive experience and an ambition to always be leaders. It all started in 1962, from a simple intuition by Felice Germano: imagine the first frozen factory for the food distribution market on wheels. Thus was born a full service company capable, from the start to produce not only refrigerated body cells, but also refrigerated units complete, rigged on means of transport, perfectly customized. A reputation that over the years has contributed to the affirmation in the world of the vast italian refrigeration industry, that has shaped the technological developments in this sector today, 50 years later, the same spirit that fuelled this legendary past continues to regenerate the concepts of quality service and strong relationships with the client: the Cofi culture.

Products & Services

  • Celle Frigorifere
  • Furgonature Frigorifere

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