Manage your restaurant inexpensive and efficient with the professional iPad POS-system from GASTROFIX: iPads as stationary POS and iPods or iPhones with mobile radio-ordering. That way you are ready to go in no time and without long training. Design the POS and your operation according to your wishes and better understand your restaurant with our restaurant-manager in the cloud and over 60 descriptive reports. Make faster and better decisions and thus more sales.

Products & Services

  • Gastrofix Restaurantmanager
  • Gastrofix Kundendatenbank
  • Gastrofix Gutscheinverwaltung
  • Gastrofix Zeiterfassung
  • Gastrofix Schnittstellen

A way to find products, brochures, specifications and save them into collections on the platform.

Once its Ready we’ll let you know.

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