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Since its founding in 1948, the Hans Kratt Maschinenfabrik has been producing bakery and catering equipment. While in the first post-war years, emulsifiers and nut mills were predominantly part of the product range, the production program was increasingly concentrated on Mussana brandy brandy from the beginning of the 1950s. The devices were characterized above all by a very high quality for the time, as well as a pleasant operating comfort. In the middle of the sixties, the first whipping machines in the modern sense were followed by the whistle blowers, which were operated with compressed air. During this time Hans Kratt created a national and international leading position, which has not been given any more to this day. The permanent further development of the machines in the seventies, Eighties and nine - nineties by elements such as, For example, complete stainless steel processing, double mixing roll, standard portioning and cleaning technology, the product Mussana has become a product outstanding in the field of impact sawing technology. By investing in millions of years over the past few years, Hans Kratt Maschinenfabrik GmbH today has the most modern, high-quality and most cost-efficient production in the hitting machines. A production depth of about 75% at the Mannheim site gives the "Made in Germany" a whole new glow. Customers from around 50 countries on all continents of the world enjoy daily easy handling, high performance, equipment, and easy machine cleaning. The sum of all these efforts has made it possible that, despite the choice of high-quality materials and construction elements, no price increases had to be carried out since 1993. This has led to the fact that Mussana cream machines are found in more and more plants.

Our principle of "quality at a fair price" is being welcomed globally. 
1948 Foundation of the Hans Kratt Maschinenfabrik in Mannheim by Hans Kratt 
1950 Production of 
the first Mussana whipping machine 1965 Production of the first Mussana whipped cream machine 
1974 Introduction of the mixing drum for the production of beaters 
1981 Foundation of the Hans Kratt Maschinenfabrik GmbH 
1985 Introduction of the new cream series with double mixing roll in complete stainless steel processing. 
1995 Introduction of the intensive cooling up to the garnish spout 
1996 Introduction of the standard portioning automation together with the Microtronic series
2002 Introduction of the standard automatic cleaning system combined with a new, more sophisticated design of the machines

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