We are an Italian Company located in Casale Monferrato (Al) Italy, city in which are born the best refrigeration technologies, and we are in search for a partner that might be interested in acquiring a mobile refrigerated vehicle ideal for supplying ice cream / cold drinks. Our innovative cold storage system has an autonomy of 16-18 hours and keeps a constant temperature properly distributed inside the cold tank. With a centralize temperature check it is possible to choose the temperature from +4° to -25° in order to sell different type of food during the same day. Moreover, only changing the cover top, our refrigerator becomes a distributor of industrial ice creams, or home-made ice cream, quick-frozen foodstuffs, fresh foods and drinks: we also studied a particular set-up for the beer, it is possible to insert two drums keykegs zero emissions 20l, this transformation requires 15 minutes and that’s reversing every time it is necessary. For all these reasons it’s the ideal refrigerator for business on the road, and we have installed it on an electric vehicle and also on a bicycle: they both can reach all the places with traffic restrictions, along the seafronts, in the parks, in the city center and in pedestrian zones. The vehicle is electric and has an autonomy of 100 km, it is thought for long distances and it has a very cheap cost of operating (for battery charging). Our idea is to abolish the costs of a business with fixed location, using an eco-friendly means of transport. For more information don’t hesitate to contact us Further information can be found at   ELECTRIC VEHICLE FLIP FLOP COVER TOP electric vehicle beer/cold drinks cover top bicycle Velo-ciclo 34 35 AL.VA home-made ice cream cover top 50 a


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  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Electric Refrigerated Vehicle
  • Refrigerators
  • Ice Cream Cart
  • Beer/cold Drinks Cart

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