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Welcome to Advantage Catering Equipment, we are one of the UK's leading suppliers of Catering Equipment for cooking, refrigeration and janitorial equipment including warewashing products across the United Kingdom. Whether you are looking for industrial catering equipment or commercial catering equipment, rest assured we can accommodate your needs. Browse our extensive selection of catering equipment online. Commercial Catering Equipment and More As a reputable catering equipment supplier, our website features items from a number of leading brands and offers a full range of products that are suitable for both domestic and commercial users. Over the years we have established ourselves and built a reputation as a trustworthy catering equipment supplier. We continue to build on our well-respected reputation by not only delivering quality items, but also by offering the highest possible level of customer service. We believe that getting to know and building a relationship with the users of our products will ensure a happy consumer, it's also the reason why our customers regularly come back to us and recommend us to their friends and colleagues. Each of the products that we supply throughout our website has been hand-picked through a rigorous, intense process of product research. With this assured, we can promise that any product you purchase from us will always be of the highest possible standard. Furthermore, here at Advantage Catering Equipment we consider the importance of product reliability. Everything we offer has been extensively tested and analysed so that we can ensure to you, the customer, that not only every product we deliver is of an excellent quality, but is also built and considered for the long term.

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