Apex Commercial Kitchen Co.

Apex Commercial Kitchen Company is a manufacturers’ representative firm dedicated to the foodservice industry and representing quality foodservice equipment and supply manufacturers. Sales and sales support coverage by Apex includes multiple states in the Midwestern part of the U.S. with personnel in four major cities. Apex enjoys a rare combination of seasoned veterans and youth in meeting the demands of manufacturers, dealers, consultants, and end users.To Apex Commercial Kitchen Co! What a wonderful company you are. This is your very own personalized front row seat to the clients your trying to reach. Claim your company and write in the text of what you do, update your photo’s and videos as well. Theres much much more coming soon, just hang on and enjoy the ride! Its Hospitality’s long awaited turn to reach its right target and make its way on the net. To the best of coverage! Your very personal help guest will be Fouad, he can be reached at the following: [email protected]

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