Danube Laundry UK


DANUBE’s large range of washer extractors has been designed to reduce water, utilities and detergent consumption. With machines ranging from 10kg capacity up to 25kg our machines require just 11 litres of water per kilogram washed (based on a 40 degree temperature wash without pre-wash). We achieve this with a sophisticated energy management system built into our fully programmable microprocessor controls which are fitted as standard to all our washer extractors. DANUBE’s washers control system is designed to give a very high quality wash performance with low energy consumption. They also provide very efficient water extraction rates to ensure maximum moisture removal in the washer resulting in shorter more efficient drying times in the DD range of tumble dryers. Our range of machines are engineered to the highest standards and are designed with the operator in mind, with large door openings, quiet operation, and touch pad ergonomic controls all adds up to Danube being one of the most cost effective machines on the market.

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