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Family owned and operated since 1977, Armenco Catering Truck Mfg. Co., Inc. has been manufacturing standard-setting mobile food trucks, catering trucks, concession trailers, hot dog carts and mobile food service equipment for over 37 years.  Our clientele are comprised of individuals, chefs, restaurant chains and motion picture caterers from around the world.  All of our trucks, trailers and carts are custom-built to order based on the individual needs of our customers and subjected to rigorous testing.

You cannot find better built food trucks anywhere.  Where others use galvanized steel beneath superficial paneling, we forego skimping and incorporate tubular aluminum framing and food-grade stainless steel construction of all visible areas.  We reinforce all of the framing of our trucks, trailers, carts and kiosks, use the highest grade materials and custom build each and every unit from the ground up. We work with each customer every step of the way to ensure ease of use, efficiency and value.   We could use a production line like other manufacturers, but we believe that when you have individuals working hands-on upon a given unit, your quality control never falters.   No detail is too small and no project too big to undergo consistent review, improvement and (when necessary) redesign throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the most progressive, productive and durable mobile catering truck, trailer, cart or kiosk possible, all the while taking into consideration your operation, equipment needs and future expansion plans within the entire design scheme.  While on the topic of durability and reliability...99% of the trucks we repair are from other manufacturers while our trucks are out in the field working.  That says it all.

Products & Services

  • Standard Catering Trucks
  • Gourmet Food Trucks
  • Motion Picture Trucks
  • Carts

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