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Mixers for a hundred years and counting In 1915, Palle Hoff Wodschow founded the company that was to become world famous for being ‘Strong as a BEAR’. It was about food mixers, and it still is. With 100 years’ experience and one speciality – mixers – Wodschow & Co. is today one of the world’s most respected manufacturers of mixers for the professional market. Not mass production – but the work of craftsmen BEAR mixers are not produced on an assembly line. They are the work of craftsmen. Around 60 experienced specialists at the Copenhagen factory use modern technology in their production; but even the most advanced machine cannot think for itself. New technology operated with human care and thought, together with specialist expertise, means that we can deliver solid quality at a reasonable price. And our knowledge of and experience with mixers allows us to offer special solutions. Cutting-edge development Since time immemorial, BEAR mixers have been at the very forefront of the development of new technology and user-friendly solutions. We focus particularly on the trends and changes that we see evolving among our users, and user-driven innovation is a keyword in our product development. That is because it is about user-friendly technology, with ergonomic and easy-to-clean design. Danish quality – international service BEAR guarantees that users all over the world get the support of well-trained and professional distributors, ensuring full and complete satisfaction before, during and after installation of our mixers.

Products & Services

  • Vegetable Cutter
  • Beer Accessories
  • Beer Mixers
  • Safety Guards
  • Meat Mincer
  • Bowl Trolley Kodiak
  • Bowl Truck
  • Capacities
  • Lifts

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