Established by Gustave Doyon in 1950, Doyon Equipment Inc. started as a sales and repairs business of bakery equipment. It is only in the mid 70's that the company began manufacturing their own machines. The company then developed the export market which became a reality in the 1980's.

At the same time, Doyon Equipment diversified their products in order to satisfy customers demands. From the JAOP3 oven, which can produce 45 baguette pans in 45 minutes to the JA28 oven which produces 420 per hour, the customers found answers to their requests.

Thanks to the creation of a integrated system of reversible fan for ovens and proofers called Jet Air, the company stood out from the competitors.

The new Jet Air technology is recommended for the food market, offering to its customers goods baked from frozen products prepared in advance on the premises, a market in full expansion in the 1970's and 80's.

In addition to selling all different kinds of oven models, the company started manufacturing bakery accessories such as; proofers, racks, sheeters, work tables, bread pans, etc.

In 1990 Doyon Equipment Inc. attacked the restaurant market by developing a pizza oven using our Jet Air technology. The big success of our first pizza oven called PIZ3 encouraged the company to continue in the same line with more powerful models such as the PIZ6. Henceforth, the equipment were and still are manufactured in electricity, natural or propane gas fired, to the customers choice.

In 1991, our enterprise became one of the rare companies able to sell in the Russian communist market, with the delivery of 54 integrated bakeries in Leningrad. In the following five years, we will find Doyon Equipment products in many countries such as; United States, Russia, Mexico, France, Germany, Cameron, Egypt, Romania and South Korea.

In 2009 The Middleby Corporation acquired Doyon Equipment Inc. This acquisition allowed both companies to strengthen their leadership positions in bakery equipment. Shortly following the acquisition; there was a merge between Doyon Equipment, Inc. and NU-VU Foodservice Systems, making this the Bakery Equipment Division of Middleby.


Products & Services

  • Ovens
  • Warming Cabinet
  • Proofers Smoker Equipment
  • Bread Slicer
  • Mixers
  • Moulding Machine
  • Divider Rounders
  • Racks
  • Sheeters

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