Alkar-RapidPak, Inc

The first RapidPak model was introduced in 1990 and over the years, our machinery has come to be recognized for its innovation, as well as dependability. There are three pillars of our success. Innovation With our extensive intellectual proprietary, as well as other non-patented innovations, we offer the most advanced HFFS machinery in the world. Servo lifts, adjustable web width machinery, side extractable tooling, etc., are just a few of our innovations. Low Cost of Ownership Our innovation is directed, not at building lower cost machinery, but at developing machinery that provides our customers with the lowest cost of ownership. For example:

        • Our servo lifts minimize your compressed air requirements.
        • Our servo plugs allow you to achieve optimal film thickness.
        • Our robust chain with an extended lifetime and low replacement cost reduces your maintenance cost.
        • Our side extractable tooling (patent pending) and a number of other ergonomic features gives you easy access and rapid changeover.
        • Our reliance on all Allen Bradley puts you in charge of controls and lets you take advantage of the local AB network of supply and support.
        • Our award winning Sanitary Design led the industry and has since been emulated by our competitors.

Products & Services

  • Food Packaging
  • Non-food Packaging

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