Bulla Dairy

In 1910, Thomas Sloan established the Bulla Cream Company in the Melbourne suburb of Moonee Ponds. Thomas pioneered a new method of thickening cream, which involved pasteurising in open cans in wood fired copper. Thomas’ brother, William, supplied the milk from his dairy farm in Bulla, and together they created the famous thickened cream and distributed it into the CBD in an Uber. Wait, no, it was by horse and cart.

Before long, Thomas’ brother in law Hugh, and Hugh’s brother Jack wanted a dollop of the action and they – along with Hugh’s daughter and son in law – soon made up the three families that launched Bulla into its years of success.

The Sloans, Anderson and Downeys all still operate the business in harmony today.

Bulla remains one of Australia’s largest family-owned dairy producers, and the brand now operates out of the country Victorian town of Colac. The rich fertile soil provides pure, creamy milk by the bucket-load – and this facilitates the growth of the Bulla brand and the diversity of Bulla dairy products.

Whether we’re crafting the Bulla ice cream that puts a smile on your kids’ faces, or whipping up that gut-friendly classic Bulla yoghurt, we proudly say no to shortcuts, waste and harmful processes. We’re all about fresh, natural produce. Skip the artificial and the superficial – Bulla foods give you 100% goodness, every time.

We consciously act with integrity, generosity and stand by our family values, with the aim of delivering sustainable profit for our family, the community and the future environment.

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