We are Compliance Service of America (CSA for short), a consulting firm providing expert assistance to businesses with alcoholic beverage licenses. From analyzing new marketing strategies to filing license applications and renewals, CSA provides the full spectrum of consultation and licensing services for the alcoholic beverage industry, nationwide. Our clients regard us as they would a tax advisor or accountant. When we advise you, we explain government regulations in plain English to help you make informed and economically sound business decisions. When we help with licensing, we handle all the paperwork and follow the process through every step to issuance of all necessary alcoholic beverage approvals.
Consulting CSA offers a broad overview and practical perspective that helps our clients compete effectively in this highly regulated industry. Developing a new concept? Designing a new product with an innovative marketing strategy? Acquiring a brand and need to understand your distribution obligations under state franchise laws? Purchasing a new concept and want to make sure all the lease agreements remain intact? Need help filing for federal label approval? Contact CSA for the assistance you need. Feasibility/Licensing Plan Moving into a new market? Establishing a new location? New to the business? Let CSA prepare a feasibility report and/or Licensing Plan before you sign leases or make other commitments to the project. Licensing CSA prepares and files license applications for retailers, wholesalers, and producers of all classes of alcoholic beverages in all states. We help new businesses establish their first location without a hitch, and we are especially effective at facilitating in large, multi-unit transactions. Wineries moving to new facilities, retailers opening new locations or purchasing other chains, and wholesalers establishing new distribution points have all relied upon CSA to handle the alcoholic beverage licensing aspect of the transaction and assure a smooth and timely transition.
CSA has experience with practically every circumstance in the alcoholic beverage industry needing governmental approval. To see a representative list of services for your type of business, click on one of the links to the left.

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