Crimson Cup Coffee

We work hard for your right to enjoy a completely awesome cup of coffee (or frozen drink, or iced drink or tea). You know . . . what those big coffee chains want you to think you’re getting. Only for real. It happens 3 ways: 1. Through our company-owned coffee house, which joins the ranks of hundreds of independent coffee houses, the ones across the street from the giant coffee stores, the ones with a sense of community and self. 2. Through our Worldwide HQ, which supplies those independents with Crimson Cup coffee, made from the best beans on earth, blended, roasted and delivered in a manner so fresh we’ve occasionally had to apologize for our cheekiness. 3. Through our commitment to giving back. Your coffee has been touched by many sets of hands before it was touched by yours. So we start with the family coffee farmers who grow your favorite beverage and extend that connection in a big, global chain of respect and happiness that includes your own local causes. Where? You’ll find Crimson Cup products in 28 states, at universities, at your favorite restaurants, on your grocery shelves and of course, in over 400 independent coffee houses across the street from the aforementioned giant Corporate Coffee Commandos. You’ll also find it at our first company-owned coffee house, located in the north Columbus, OH community of Clintonville.

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