Planning Solutions Consulting Limited

Our story Planning Solutions was established in 1995. We can trace our history back to the Rank Group, where we were the former Rank Holidays and Hotels Developments division and were responsible for developing the Oasis Forest Holidays product (subsequently acquired by Center Parcs) and the rebranded Warner Leisure Hotels product. What do we do? Planning Solutions Consulting Limited is a specialist tourism, leisure, heritage and economic development consultancy. We focus on seven core service areas, we:

  1. Prepare business plans and carry out financial analysis of projects
  2. Carry out primary research among visitors and prepare evaluation plans for projects
  3. Advice on strategic development opportunities
  4. Provide income generation strategies for visitor attractions, museums, country parks and nature reserves
  5. Develop new concepts and visitor experience plans
  6. Prepare marketing plans
  7. Provide support for HLF projects with a focus on Heritage Lottery Fund business planning and testing the financial viability of projects

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