LoftTea, Inc.

LoftTea, Inc. was born out of a desire to develop healthful, non-combustible means to consume legal cannabinoids with hand-crafted, ready-to-drink hemp infused cold brewed and loose leaf teas.. Loft Tea’s proprietary beverage formulations are positioned for active, wellness-focused users seeking non-combustible, non-gmo, 100% vegan, low sugar, all natural, legal cannabinoid infused products. Loft Tea makes this clean and easy for users with simple and reliable dosing to enhance and elevate the tea lover’s lifestyle. Inspired by traditional herb, tea & aromatherapy focused approaches to restorative and preventative wellness, Loft Tea curates hand picked, expertly paired tea and cannabidiol blends, crafted for a modern consumer. Developed with leading-edge compound and flavor profiling techniques, the company leverages industry leading laboratory and beverage technology partners to ensure fully compliant production methods & product efficacy, safety and handling. Loft Tea products will be made available for the nutraceutical, wellness and dispensary retail distribution sectors, to be sold in all 50 states in late 2015. LoftTea, Inc. is a self-funded corporation actively seeking strategic investment, licensee & distribution partners in target legal state markets for development and production of its families of infused product formulations.

Products & Services

  • Bottled Drink
  • Artisanal Tea

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