ARI-Studio is a Romanian software company that currently focuses on HoReCa business developing software for restaurants, hotels, clubs, fast-foods and others. We offer our customers professional software, designed from scratch by our team, in accordance with the Romanian market and legislation. By developing the software ourselves we can assure our customers full support (24/7) after making the aquisition and also we can adapt the system to each and everyone's need and way of doing business, everything at lower prices than our competitors (generaly large companies that are only distributors of the software and not producers). Our company also provides hardware to complement the software system, creating full packages for restaurant and hotel managers and owners, simplyfing their search and their job in general. If you plan to open a restaurant/hotel in Romania visit us on and we can assure you will find in us the best partener for your business!

Products & Services

  • Pos Software
  • Android App
  • Unitydob (direct Online Booking)
  • Unity Tablet
  • Unity Mobile
  • Unitybooking
  • Unitypos
  • Direct Online Booking Software
  • Booking Software
  • Horeca Software
  • Restaurant Software
  • Android Pos
  • Hotel Software
  • Horeca Hardware

A way to find products, brochures, specifications and save them into collections on the platform.

Once its Ready we’ll let you know.

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